Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shahid afridi father died

  1. ISLAMABAD, July 20 (APP): Former captain Cricket team Shahid Khan Afridi’s father Sahabzada Fazal-ur-Rehman Afridi breathed his last on Wednesday in Karachi after he suffered a severe heart attack.  Fazal-ur-Rehman was admitted to Aga Khan Hospital where he suffered a heart attack. Earlier, Afridi had returned home from England because of his father’s critical condition. He was representing Hampshire County in England.  The funeral prayers of the deceased will be offered after ‘Asr’ prayer,  while he will be buried in Scot Colony graveyard in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Shahid Afridi‘s brother Mushtaq Afridi said

Friday, 1 July 2011

Eid Gift Giving Culture In Pakistan

Send gifts to your close ones in Pakistan this season. We have a variety of gift items that can be sent on Eid in Pakistan. There is a wide selection of perfumes that can be sent as gift to Pakistan on this Eid. Send your favourite fragrance to someone close in Pakistan as gift and tell them they are special. You can choose jewellery as gift to send on Eid in Pakistan. Send a band or silver lockets for girls. One can also opt for leather goods as gift to send on Eid in Pakistan. Dry Fruits are appreciated as gifts on Eid in Pakistan. Basket containing a variety of dry fruits can make a special gift to send to Pakistan on Eid. This variety of dry fruits to send as gift to Pakistan includes pistas, cashews, peanuts, almonds, dried apricots, and much more gifts to Pakistan on Eid. If one wants to send a different gift, there is a wide selection of gourmet baskets to choose from to send as gift to Pakistan. On Eid, fruits baskets are liked when gifted in Pakistan. People like being presented with specialty baskets as gift in Pakistan that contains a variety of products including chips, cookies, fruits, juices, drinks and much more.
Gifting in Pakistan on Eid is considered part of tradition and norm. So send your near and dear ones in Pakistan special gifts that will win their hearts. Choose from traditional gift items for Pakistan such as Mithai, cakes and flowers, or deviate from the traditional and choose special gift items to send to Pakistan this Eid such as dry fruits, specialty gift baskets to Pakistan, perfumes gifts to Pakistan, clothes as gift to Pakistan on Eid, chocolate gift to Pakistan or even Childrens toys as gifts in Pakistan on this Eid.

Shahid Afridi In Cricket needs to come

Shahid Afridi If Cricket needs to come back to its best in Pakistan, they need this world cup to resurrect Pakistan Cricket at the right place. Enough of talking has been done and now it is time for Pakistan to talk on the field. Come On! Make the People of Pakistan Smile at least by Cricket if not by anything else! With this team already in the semi finals nothing looks impossible and hopefully they can conquer the world cup. With the present form and captaincy, anything is possible. They have been amazing everyone till now in the tournament with their stellar performances. Hopefully dawn has finally come for Pakistan cricket and hopefully this team can finally rise and meet the expectations of the million Pakistanis to provide them with something joyous after so many years of struggle struggle and struggle. Pakistan is the like wounded tiger, or in the great Imran Khan's words ‘The cornered tiger' , the term which Khan used to inspire the team during the 1992 world cup when Pakistan seemed out of the race having won only one out of their 4 games.

Cricket in Pakistan

Just like cricket is considered religion in India, just as cricket is every man's passion in our country, just like cricket is life in India, it is considered no less in Pakistan. Cricket in Pakistan is equally magnetic and massive in magnitude. The expectations that all of us have from the Indian cricket team and the pleasure we derive in watching the men in blue thrash oppositions is akin to all the Pakistanis watching their home team.

Pakistan, historically speaking, boasts of a much glorious past in cricket than India. They, from the very beginning of the first world cup were a big name in the sport. Barring the first edition of the world cup in 1975, where they were sent home in the first round, they consecutively reached the semi finals of the next three editions and finally won the most coveted prize in the game in 1992 under the inspirational leadership of Imran Khan. However, after exiting from the quarters and being runners up in the next two editions respectively, Pakistan cricket started to fade away. The team performed extremely poorly, much to the dissatisfaction of the Pakistani cricket fanatic in the next two world cups where they were knocked out in the first round on both occasions.

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