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High Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2012

 $40.89 Dwi texas
 $40.19 Dui attorneys
 $39.90 Dwi attorney
 $39.11 Dui attorney
 $39.11 Dui attorney
 $39.11 Dui attorney
 $38.49 Dui lawyer
 $38.49 Lawyer dui
 $37.57 Dui lawyers
 $35.80 Federal criminal attorney
 $35.67 Car accident lawyer
 $35.32 Dwi attorneys
 $34.19 Criminal lawyers
 $33.95 New york criminal attorney
$33.19 Auto accident attorney
 $33.13 Auto accident lawyer
 $32.31 Dwi lawyer
 $32.31 Dwi lawyer
 $31.02 Texas dwi law
 $30.16 Car accident attorney
 $30.16 Car accident attorney
 $29.56 California tax attorney
 $29.37 Dwi in minnesota
 $28.93 Motorcycle accident attorney
 $28.38 Washington dui
 $28.25 Lemon law attorney
 $27.95 Lemon law
 $27.92 Help attorney
 $27.88 Injury lawyers
 $27.68 Dallas dwi
 $27.25 Wrongful death attorney
 $27.20 Mesothelioma attorney
 $26.72 Personal injury lawyer
 $26.58 San diego personal injury attorney
 $26.55 Accident lawyer
 $26.32 Personal injury attorney
 $26.32 Personal injury attorney
 $25.83 Tax attorney
 $25.83 Tax attorney
 $25.77 Alaska lawyer
 $25.75 Minnesota dwi laws
 $25.72 Federal lawyer
 $25.58 Dallas personal injury attorney
 $25.16 Lawyer injury
 $25.11 Death lawyer

economic and revenue related adsense High Paying Keyword:

 $57.18 Auto insurance quote
 $53.52 College loan consolidation
 $46.89 Car insurance quote
 $46.62 Federal loan consolidation
$41.92 Online car insurance
 $40.43 Term life insurance quote
 $39.79 Cheap car insurance
 $39.45 Student loan consolidation
 $39.24 Auto insurance quotes
 $37.63 Online insurance quotes
 $37.32 Student loan information
 $36.53 Equity loan rates
 $36.31  Auto insurance
 $35.89 Student loan consolidation center
 $35.83 Debt consildation
 $35.02 Chase credit cards
 $34.89 Student loan refinancing
 $34.34 Discount car insurance
 $34.26 Life insurance quote
 $33.61 Homeowners insurance quotes
 $33.17 Mortgage loans
 $33.17 Mortgage loans
 $33.08 Mortgage refinancing
 $33.05 Equity line of credit
 $32.91 College loans
 $32.65 Best mortgage rates
 $32.54 Student loans
 $32.44 Loan refinancing
 $32.38 Us mortgage rates
 $32.37 Instant insurance quote
 $32.11 Term life insurance quotes
 $32.03 Consolidation loan
 $31.95 Loan refinance
 $31.92 Car insurances
 $31.82 Safe auto insurance
 $31.38 Insurance auto florida
 $31.38 Auto insurance
 $30.71 Equity line of credit
 $30.46 Gmac mortgages
 $30.45 Mortgages for self employed
 $30.17 Car insurance california
 $29.84 In car insurance
 $29.53 Best mortgage
 $29.43 Refinancing mortgages
 $29.27 Line of credit
 $28.98 Prequalify loan
 $28.75 Loans com
 $28.40 Business credit report
 $28.17 Whole life insurance quotes
 $27.72 New york auto insurance
 $27.71 Online mortgages
 $27.61 Student loan
 $27.45 Cheap house insurance
 $27.25 Low cost life insurance
 $26.99 School loan consolidation
 $26.80 Citi credit
 $26.70 Manhattan mortgages
 $26.61 School loans
 $26.58 Term insurance
 $26.56 Second mortgage
 $26.48 Sredit report com
 $26.21 Suto ins
$25.90 Consolidation
 $25.57 Line of credit
 $25.46 Landlords insurance
 $25.45 Low mortgage
 $25.37 Commercial vehicle insurance
 $25.32 Credit consolidation
 $25.22 Bad credit mortgages
bad credit mortgages $25.22
Discount life insurance $25.22

Domain and Hosting related adsense High Paying Keyword:

 $34.51 Register a domain name
 $31.39 Domain registrations
 $29.47 Servers dedicated
 $26.84 How to register a domain name
 $26.00 Domain names
 $25.83 Register domain names
 $24.75 Search domain name
 $24.25 Domain register
 $23.97 Domain registration
 $23.58 Internet domain registration
 $22.05 Yahoo webhosting
 $21.78 Domain registering
 $21.65 Counter strike dedicated servers
 $21.23 Buy domain name
 $20.21 Domain check
 $20.12 Buy a domain name
 $19.83 Domain search
 $19.73 Dedicated server
 $19.56 Managed dedicated servers
 $19.55 Domain name registrations
 $19.52 Eu domain registration
 $19.28 Domain searches
 $19.06 Domain names
 $19.01 Domain name registration
 $18.35 Dedicated linux hosting
 $18.31 Available domain name
 $18.20 Linux dedicated hosting
 $18.04 Dedicated web hosting
 $17.87 Hosting domain registration
 $17.74 Dedicated windows server hosting
 $17.63 Dedicated web hosting
 $17.58 Hosting dedicated
 $17.30 Dedicated hosting
 $17.30 Managed dedicated hosting
 $16.99 Domain name availability
 $16.64 Ca domain name
 $16.58 Web domain
 $16.56 Dedicated web server
 $16.53 Domain names canada
 $16.14 Dedicated server hosting
 $16.03 Dedicated hosting server
 $16.00 Cheap domain names
 $15.92 Register domains
 $15.90 Dedicated windows hosting
$15.87 Mohaa dedicated server
 $15.70 Inexpensive domain
 $15.69 Domain name
 $15.44 Dedicated server web hosting
$15.38 Domain
 $15.37 Domain name registration search
 $15.36 Uk dedicated hosting server
 $15.17 Unix dedicated server
 $15.03 Cheap domain register
 $15.03 Dedicated sql server

Software related adsense High Paying Keyword:

 $31.24 Software escrow
 $19.35 billing software
 $17.78 human resources software
$17.21 spy sweeper
 $15.90 Accounting software
 $15.46 Spyware detection
 $14.87 small business software
 $14.38 inventory management software
 $14.24 Pestpatrol
 $14.19 Optimization software
 $13.83 Webroot spy sweeper
 $13.73 Payroll software
 $13.49 Spam software
 $13.43 Webroot spy
 $13.38 Spy sweeper download
 $13.12 Software mirroring
 $12.81 Fundraising software
 $12.53 Software configuration management
 $12.20 Great plains software
 $12.14 Software distribution
 $11.97 Seb survey software
 $11.75 Backup software
 $11.63 risk management software
 $11.53 agement
 $11.32 Software manAntispam software
 $11.19 Video conferencing software
 $11.04 Market research software
 $10.50 Business software
 $10.49 Spyware removal
 $10.09 Spyware remover
 $10.09 Spyware blocker

Telecommunications related adsense Highly Paying Keyword:

 $25.44 Sprint cell phone accessories
 $19.99 Sprint cell phone
 $18.86 Nextel cell phone
 $12.81 Sprint phone
 $12.25 Matrix cell phone
 $11.12 Cell phone sync
 $11.01 At&t cell phone service
 $10.49 international cell phone rental
$10.12 Rental cell phone
 $10.07 Sprint cell phone service
 $21.81 Singular wireless
 $17.26 Singular wireless
 $15.13 Wireless crm
 $13.80 Cordless vacuum
 $13.62 Wireless credit card
 $12.63 Wireless credit card processing
 $12.39 Att wireless service
 $12.20 Wireless pos
 $11.27 cingular wireless plans
 $11.17 att wireless
   $10.18 verizon wireless com

Automobile related adsense Top  Keyword:

 $57.18 Auto insurance quote
 $45.01 Auto quote
 $39.24 Auto insurance quotes
 $36.31 Nj auto insurance
 $33.13 Auto quotes
$33.07 Auto insurance ontario
 $31.82 Safe auto insurance
 $31.38 Insurance auto florida
 $31.38 Auto insurance
 $29.51 Auto accident attorney
 $29.04 Michigan auto accident
 $27.92 San antonio auto
 $27.72 New york auto insurance
 $25.47 Austin auto
 $23.03 Auto insurance ca
 $21.03 Mercury insurance auto
 $20.77 Auto nation
 $20.56 Auto refinance
 $20.16 Auto refinance loans
 $18.23 Las vegas auto
 $17.75 Philadelphia auto
 $17.74 Auto insurance canada
 $17.59 Auto owners insurance
 $16.98 Denver auto
 $15.15 Auto accident
 $15.04 Auto comparison
 $14.44 Auto loan rate
 $13.40 Auto
 $12.19 Auto glass
 $11.68 Auto loan
 $11.50 Auto loans online
 $11.46 Auto loans
Auto rental $11.29
 $11.23 Aew jersey auto
 $10.93 Auto warranty

Electronics related adsense High Paying Keyword:

 $23.60 Laptop data recovery
 $22.88 Vaio notebook
 $18.85 Laptop pcs
 $18.49 Computer notebooks
 $17.61 Sony cyber shot dsc w7 digital camera
 $16.18 Laptop computers
 $13.79 Notebooks
 $13.55 Rugged laptop
 $13.43 Pc laptops
 $13.34 Laptops
 $12.56 Vaio laptop battery
 $12.07 Toshiba laptop computers
 $12.00 Macintosh laptop
 $11.51 Laptop notebook
 $11.48 Notebook pc
 $11.32 Laptop mounts
 $11.31 Notebook computers
 $10.32 Vehicle laptop
 $10.05 Dsc p10 digital camera

Love, relationship and dating related adsense High Paying Keyword:

 $20.95 Singles in las vegas
 $19.21 Las vegas singles
$12.32 Albuquerque singles
 $12.19 Pensacola singles
$11.79 African american singles
 $10.60 American christian singles

Domain register,you can register your domain name free.

What do u do when a child is Born to you? You name it. Running a business is like raising a child for Most of the entrepreneurs. So when a business or a website is planned, the first thing that entrepreneurs do is name their venture, name their website. Getting a Domain name right is very crucial and decides what the user response will be, when the venture or the website goes live. In case of websites this name is called a domain name.
To get the domain name registered you first need to check whether that domain name is available or not. once you know that a particular domain name is available then go to various websites on the Internet and register your favorite domain name. You will have to give away your credit card details and will cost you around $ 10 for an year's registration, but the problem is that most of the domain name sellers, have a clause that until the buyer cancels the registration, they will keep charging the credit card. This means that even if you plan to shelve your business and you forget to cancel the registration, the domain name will still be in ur name and you will keep paying $ 10 yearly

Domain name yahoo

It has been said that ur domain name will determine your success and it is therefore wise to take time to come up with a domain name that will guarantee success. Domain name yahoo offers all the information that u need to guide you into having a good name and establishing ur web site. The first place to begin is to define what exactly a domain name from yahoo is. A domain name is the name you give to a person in Order for them to access your web site. In other words, it is the address to your site and it should come with various aspects. Some of the aspects are that it should be simple and easy to remember at the same time reflecting the heart of your business. When thinking of a domain name know that only letters, hyphens and numbers are allowed.

 You can use different extensions if you find that the name u choose is already in use. A question that constantly comes up is whether once you have a domain name it can be changed. The Domain name yahoo yahoo offers cannot be changed and the only way is to register a new name and have the other one canceled or you can keep it. Many people have suggested that when you register a name with yahoo, that you do not own it. The fact is that yahoo plays only as an administrator to it but, you are the one who is going to determine whether to transfer it or cancel it. You usually pay an annual fee for a domain name and you can have many domain names. To cancel a domain name, u need to contact the registrar like Melbourne IT and have them cancel the name by deleting it. If you stop paying the domain name renewal fee, then it will be automatically deleted.

When you have Some domain names, you can actually sell them. Even one single domain name can be auctioned online and you can get interested parties. There has been instances where a domain name has helped people make a fortune. One example of such a story is of a 43 year old man from South land who sold a domain he had maintained since 1994 at a whooping $3.6 million. The domain name was and he had gotten the name to boost his consulting business which he later sold but, still maintained the domain. The man is called Chris Clark and he could only express his gratitude when he sold it online to an anonymous bidder. There are other domain names that have fetched so much including which was sold at $4 million in 2006

What Is domain yahoo

The domain yahoo is one of the Most popular in the world and it has become a market leader by providing the much needed access to many services for the customers. The first thing you can benefit from it is the establishment of an email {I D} which will go long way in launching you into a world where communication can happens with ease. You can open ur communication links through the yahoo messenger and other benefits are having your own space for albums and have your file storage in which you can review them from any place. You can get a domain from yahoo and begin the process of having ur own web site

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